Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


Our Services: On behalf of the general planner carry out mediative project support.

e.g. managing correspondence, defining and accompanying communication, identifying and accompanying decision-making processes, balancing hardened fronts in meetings.

Project Management

Public Private Partnership

Task: one clinic, one public institution, private investor(s) = Public Private Partnership.

The vision: a future-oriented health care partnership.

The model: private investors plan and build hospitals with financial support of the state Government and provide e.g. 25 years for remuneration for maintenance and technical operation.

The advantages: Savings potential over the entire contract period.
The challenge: to provide expertise in detail. Together with involved consultants, to accompany the entire process: planning, tendering, tendering, construction, commissioning and use.

To define technical and organizational requirements, organize competitions and tenders,
eliminate disturbances, control costs and time schedule.
A complex and challenging task!

Our Services :
– Technical advice
– Integrated Project Management
– Design and Construction Quality Management

Fire Life Safety Management

Office Building


Office Building Redevelopment, update fire & live systems
Height: 186m, 45 floors
Gross floor area: about 84 600 m²
Building volume: 455,000 m³

Starting position: Lack of approved fire protection and security systems,

The vision: final approval based on actual regulations for continued operation of the building.

Our Service:

Set up Project Programme with all involved plus external technical experts.

– Development of a “building upgrade model”,

– Achievement of many individual exemptions by tests on the construction site

– Achieve the highest possible security for the building and the users

Cost Management

InterContinental Hotel


Our Services:
• Project Management, Cost Management
• Hotel refurbishment and extension projects
throughout Germany

Site Supervision

credit card company


Revitalization and optimization of the Rental space of German headquarter

Move Management

DOW Jones News Company



Our Services:

• Relocation, renovation and fit out of six offices in Germany and various facilities.
• Move management
• Incorporated corporate facilities standards and codes and regulations to the design of existing facilities in Germany